Databases are a useful way to bring your information together in one place. Well planned databases can be used to track your orders from receipt to invoicing; manage your projects and staff or even keep track of your clients and their needs.

At Abbott’s Office Services we have experience of building databases for a variety of organisations from Property Management and Building companies to recruitment agencies. A database is different from a spreadsheet in many ways, such as they allow multiple users to enter data at the same time, data can be input via forms which is often more user-friendly, access levels can be set for different staff so you can control what they can see in line with their responsibilities.

We primarily use Microsoft Access to build our databases as it is an accessible programme and works well with other Microsoft Office programmes to do even more with your data.


An initial 1 hour consultation at no cost is provided to discuss your database needs. After that a quotation will be provided depending on the complexity of the database required.