Other Services

Bespoke Spreadsheets & Templates

We can design a spreadsheet to cater for any need; from a very simple table of data to one that looks up information and works out complex formulas. If you want some calculations or you want to display data and information in a professional way, talk to us about setting these up. Templates enable you to design something that you can use a blank copy of over and over, saving you time deleting previous information and ensuring each document looks the same.

Bespoke Forms & Templates

We can design a form or template for you to help gather information that you need or log data that you’ve received. Some examples are holiday requests, expenses and timesheets for your staff to complete. Templates can be useful for specific letters that you send out but want to manually enter certain criteria each time.

Office Procedures and Guidance notes

This service often runs in line with our other elements because procedure helps define production of paperwork or data required for effective bookkeeping, accurate payroll and smooth order tracking. Having well written procedures increases efficiency and ensures that required outcomes are achieved. Specific company-focused procedures and guidance notes enable staff to carry out tasks in the way you want them to; and written guidance helps employees to cover for each other in cases of absence and sickness.

Self Assessment

We can assist you from designing spreadsheets for your personal finance tracking throughout the year, logging your income and expenditure for you, to helping you submit your self-assessment online.

Software Installation & Setup

We can install most ‘off the shelf’ software for you such as Microsoft Office Suite, virus checking packages etc. We specialise in the installation and set-up of bookkeeping & payroll software either on new machines to your requirements, or adding software to your existing system.¬†


All of our services are customised to your company and time required to carry out tasks will depend on various factors so we offer an initial 1 hour consultation at no cost to discuss your needs before a price is agreed.